3 Signs Of A Well-Fitting Bra

From sliding straps to pinching wire to dreaded quad boob, the telltale signs of an ill-fitting bra are obvious. Even so, more than three-quarters of adult women continue to wear bras that don’t fit them properly. When you’re bra shopping, it’s important to be able to find and recognize bras that fit and flatter your bust well.




Many of the countless women who have been wearing bras of the wrong size for their entire lives just don’t know what they’re missing. Even if your bra isn’t painfully squeezing your breasts or exposing your nipples, that doesn’t mean you’re wearing the right size and getting the support and security you need. When it comes to bras, every woman deserves the best. Stop settling for less and learn to recognize what it really feels like to wear a well-fitting, supportive, secure bra.



  1. Smooth Finish




A smooth finish is essential for well-fitting, flattering bras. In fact, your basic everyday bras should look virtually invisible underneath your tops.


When you put on a form-fitting shirt, you shouldn't be able to see any rolls or bulges around the edges of your bra. If there is a visible dent where your bra cups press against your breasts or your ribcage, go up a cup or band size to get a more relaxed fit.



  1. Stable Straps




The stability of a bra’s straps can help you determine how well the bra actually fits you. Straps are a very underrated part of a bra’s design. While many women tend to focus on the comfort and security that a bra’s cups and band provide, bra straps provide crucial support.


The straps of a well-fitting bra should stay stable on your shoulders—laying flat without digging into your skin—whether you’re sitting or standing. If your straps are falling down or leaving red marks on your shoulders, experiment with their length—bra straps are adjustable for a reason. If you find that your straps are still not stable post-adjustment, it’s time to look for a new bra that offers a better fit.



  1. Weightless Feel




Whether you’re shopping for a basic bra to add to your everyday underwear drawer or ultra-sexy lingerie to wear in the bedroom, any bra you buy should lift, support, and secure your breasts.


Never compromise on comfort and security—especially if you have a full bust. If your breasts feel like they’re heavy or weighing you down throughout the day, you’re not wearing a bra that offers enough support for your bust. A well-fitting bra should feel weightless and comfortable enough that you barely remember you’re wearing one at all.