Asbestos: The Danger Of Improper Packaging

Asbestos have been around since the early days. From buildings, roads, sewage and insulation purposes, it has become an important part of the industry that you can’t deny the impact it created in our everyday life. Because of its unique chemical component, it is often nicknamed as the “magic mineral” and became popular in the area of construction in the 80’s. Even with extreme temperature, asbestos is non-flammable and can be very tough. That is why it is often added to cement because it makes it more-durable and heat-resistant.


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However, with all its positive contribution when it comes to construction, it has become evident over the years that it causes negative effect to the human body. In fact, a lung disease by the name of asbestosis is named after the substance. That is why proper PPE and safety guidelines are developed to prevent this kind of sickness. That includes properly packaging the asbestos. Yes, proper packaging of asbestos is a critical part of safety and that is why certain guidelines should be met.



Effects of improper packaging



As far as the human body is concerned, there are a lot of possible dangerous things that can happen if there is problem in packaging asbestos. If the bag you are using is damaged and asbestos dust contaminates the air, it can be inhaled by the people in the premise or touch their skins. The effects include:



  • Asbestosis
  • Pleural disease
  • Lung Cancer
  • Mesathelioma



The harmful effects of asbestos are not just limited to the human body. Our environment can also be affected by this substance. If asbestos dust can escape and carried by the wind, it can contaminate water and would be able to get its way into the human body.



Packing asbestos the right way



Now that you know that asbestos should be handled with caution, there are some useful guidelines you should follow. These rules are commonly used in industries where heavy usage of asbestos occur, and they require strict obedience.



  • There are numerous asbestos bags for sale online that are specifically made to ensure it would not tear to prevent asbestos dust from spreading.
  • Properly label the container with “asbestos” or “warning: do not tear” to warn people.
  • It should be stacked in a safe place.
  • Use PPE in case a contamination in the air happens like respirators or masks.