The Warehouse – The Storage Shelter For Your Boats



SHELTER STATION™ has been in the business for over 15 years serving consumers across Australia and New Zealand. They make quality portable shelters with durable and long-standing materials that are reasonably priced price. They have been serving lots of clients for their personal use or business use. Their portable shelter varies in sizes and a Shelter Station warehouse shelter is capable to house motor vehicles from motorcycles to cars to trucks to boats and even helicopters without having to worry about the structure to collapse.



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Product Description



Among the wide variety of products that they have, the Shelter Station’s The Warehouse is popular especially to people who have boats or make boats. The Warehouse is perfectly tailored to accommodate a boat, which is why it is being widely used in areas like marinas and boatyards.



But not only is it famous among boat builders and boat owners, but it is also being used in garages that deal with trucks and buses repair and maintenance. The vertical clearance is high enough that workers can move freely while doing the maintenance and the repair works.



The Warehouse is also very effective in protecting the motor vehicles because of its cover which is 610 gm/m2 PVC. The cover is made from a heavy-duty, water-resistant, fire retardant, and UV stabilized PVC. Thus, it can withstand sudden changes in the weather. Not only that, the frame is made up of high-quality Galvanised Steel of various diameters that can likewise stand through the strong gustiness of the wind.



Product Specifications



The Warehouse is covered by a white fabric which is 610gsm PVC. The frame is made of fully galvanized tube steel. The dimension of the Warehouse is 15 meters in length, 5.5 meter in width and 5.3 meters in height. The door size is 3.5 meter in height by 4.1 meters in height. The total packed size of The Warehouse is 2.39 cubic meters while the total weight is 1160 kilograms.






Temporary container shelter is an effective substitute for permanent structures cost-wise and usage. Especially if the main purpose of this kind of shelter is only to provide temporary housing for expensive tools and pieces of machinery, to provide a workplace that is conducive to the workers. These additional storage spaces are very practical if what is being looked for are shelters that can be swiftly assembled, easily moveable and self-supporting structures. SHELTER STATION™ can greatly provide you with this type of shelter with no hassle and worries.